CRM & Content Manager UK

Cheerz is hiring!


Cheerz was founded in 2012 by Antoine Le Conte (ex founder of Programme- & Aurélien de Meaux (HSBC), two digital natives and successful entrepreneurs.
It is the fastest growing company in the printing industry, used by millions of users in Europe, thanks to its simplicity and innovation in the customer experience.
Our mission is to help every European hold their best memories with them, for life. Memories management is a real concern in today’s world where we take photos on a daily basis. What will you remember in 20 years, is what we are working on!

We are a team of very international profiles (70 people) in the center of Paris. As a startup we offer every possible arrangements for our people to feel delighted about working here. Fancy offices, French lessons, social care, free foods & drinks and a professional ping pong environment.
We love to work together, and we are really passionate about our jobs.

What you will do

Your missions will be to :
1- Manage all emailing & push notifications campaigns : transactional interactions, automatic triggers, newsletters...
2- Improve our clients loyalty and their life time value : % repeat orders, average cart increase, online remarketing campaigns...
3- Increase the performance of our “refer a friend” program
4- Take car of our clients in social networks : Facebook and Twitter

You’re also expected to create and develop a content strategy on both website and apps (Android & iOS) devices.

This job will lead you to manage a wide variety of topics and develop your own CRM strategy considering English clients expectations. With us you will improve your CRM skills & increase your knowledges in terms of Community Management.

This position reports directly to the Revenue Manager UK. You will be the best ambassadors of Cheerz in UK. Good to know : we’ve got our business running there since more than 2 years and a significant clients base is already waiting for you !

What we are looking for

At school you were sharp and passionate about business & marketing.
You’re an English native (the position is based in Paris).
You know how to develop efficient CRM campaigns in the UK market and you did it in the past.
You know how to identify best emailing / push notification campaigns & triggers and adapt your strategy in a competitive environment to get the best Life Time Value from your clients.
You are a marketing guy, no doubt about it. You don’t hesitate to share insights with other CRM & Content Managers to help Cheerz being “first in class” in its CRM strategy.
Your friends say that your cool, hearty and also a true leader.

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Start date: 01 February 2018
  • Location: Paris, France (75004)
  • Experience Level: > 1 year