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Cheerz is hiring!


Cheerz was founded in 2012 by Antoine Le Conte (ex founder of Programme- & Aurélien de Meaux (HSBC), two digital natives and successful entrepreneurs.

It is the fastest growing company in the printing industry, used by millions of users in Europe, thanks to its simplicity and innovation in the customer experience.

Our mission is to help every European hold their best memories with them, for life. Memories management is a real concern in today’s world where we take photos on a daily basis. What will you remember in 20 years, is what we are working on!

Job Description

Reporting directly to the Head of Acquisition, in the Marketing Revenue Team of Cheerz, your role will consist on driving the digital influence for Spain. The main perspective of this position is a daily performance & acquisition of new customers.

Since 2 years and a half, Influence is a strategic way of acquisition for Cheerz. We are making micro-influence (on instagram mostly), punctual activations with celebrities or huge influencers (via instagram stories, youtube & snapchat).

Your main missions will consist on :

• Driving the annual influence plan with seasons highlights (Valentines day, Mother's day, Back to school, Christmas...)
• Handling a monthly budget and optimizing it, always with CAC and acquisition in mind.
• Producing monthly reportings of invest budget, sales revenue, CAC, and operations done
• Handling influencers agencies et negotiating activations every month in collaboration with them
• Writing post briefs for payed Influencers
• Analyzing performance (sales) of payed influencers and making a selection of influencers to re-activate in every season highlight according to their successes.
• Handling a lot of partnerships with micro-influencers directly, or via our micro-influencers platform.
• Negotiating blogs articles with integration of targeted blacklinks in order to increase Cheerz Website SEO on Google.
• Keeping an eye on influencers actuality in order to propose relevant partnerships (photos after a wedding, a birth, holidays return...)
• Leading a loyalty program for our best influencers (brand ambassadors) with dedicated actions, or brand event invitations.

Preferred Experience

• Graduated of a business or communication degree, with a first successfull experience of over 1 year, in influence marketing, e-PR or acquisition marketing. You are always seeking for performance and you are well know for your interpersonal skils with your team, influencers and/or agents.
• Social media and Influencers have no secret for youGrand Intérêt pour les influenceurs et les réseaux sociaux
• You are fluent in both Spanish & English, French is a plus
• You are rigorous and autonomous
• You have a great ability to negociate with agencies
• Cheerz is a small company but with great ambitions. You are ready to come, suggest improvement and innovation in order to make your role getting bigger.

Recruitment Process

Step #1 Interview with HR Director
Step #2 Interview with Head of Acquisition
Step #3 Case study
Step #4 Interview with our Founder

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 May 2019
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 1 year